Valērijs Komisarovs, partneris

Valērijs Komisarovs, partner

Education. Professional Master degree in Law, lawyer qualification.
Professional master degree in Civil construction and real estate management (with distinction) and qualification of a real estate economist.
Motivation. The legal office VK legal is founded thanks to my regular clients, who under my supervision have been purchasing residential and investment real estate for many years, and have been realizing the real estate development projects as well as founding companies and managing business activities.

A successful cooperation with the clients have given me the belief that by investing in the legal office VK legal my knowledge and wide experience in the field of real estate and law, a professional law office with the recognizable identity will be created.

The combination of letters “V” and “K” are not just my initials, but also a designation “Valērijs` quality” (kvalitāte in Latvian). The logo of VK legal on the document drafted by us will be the affirmation that the particular document is drafted with the accuracy and loyalty.

I like law a lot. It is an exciting and a responsible work, because I secure the support for the clients from the beginning (from the moment when the client has an idea) until the final stage (for example, when the client’s selected real estate has been purchased or the client’s company has started its business). Besides, each project or idea is unique!

My main motivation and the motivation of VK legal is to help to realize the ideas and intentions of the clients in the best and the most appropriate way, by offering extensive legal support in each project.